Sam Doyle Sam Doyle



1320 N Milwaukee Ave. FL 3 Chicago, IL 60622

      A native son of the Detroit 'burbs, Chicago photographer Sam Doyle always found himself cut from the same cloth of his parents, both freelance artists. His dad is a commercial photographer, and his mom is a fine-art ceramicist, both eager to find a blend between personal art and passion as well as advertising and commerce.
     In a groundbreaking attempt at a rebellion against his artist parents, Sam took a more traditional approach to college, foregoing art school to instead study sociology at Kalamazoo College in southwest Michigan. Sam's background in sociology provided a growing interest in people––who they were, where they're from, what they do. As he embraced photography in the latter half of his college career, he was eager to capture characters and their stories. To this day, being able to interact well with diverse people with varied backgrounds in order to draw out their personality in their pictures is one of Sam's favorite parts of his job. Whether it is a simple headshot or large production, Sam creates imagery that is colorful, unique and answers to client needs. When he's not behind the camera, Sam plays guitar and makes a mean tiki drink––mind your manners, and he might just offer you one.